Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

M.A.P (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy

Effective Immediately

We are committed to giving you a great value and a reason to invest in our merchandise. To protect Divine Apparel, Inc. and all of its customers from unfair advertising practices we need all customers that want to work with us to abide by our M.A.P. By purchasing any of our items, you are agreeing to the M.A.P. policy.

All lines distributed by Divine Apparel, Inc. will have a M.A.P. for each style that is set by Divine Apparel, Inc.  At its sole discretion Divine Apparel, Inc. May adjust the M.A.P. on any Item. M.A.P. applies to all advertisements over all media. This includes but is not limited to Websites, email blasts, mailers, TV, radio, flyers, catalogs or third party sites.

M.A.P. only refers to advertised prices, not what the retailer and the consumer actually agree to in price. You can sell it for less but you cannot advertise it for less.

For example, you can advertise “call for our lowest prices” or similar. Implementation of M.A.P. will help all of us. Please report any incidences where a retailer is advertising below M.A.P. to your sales rep immediately. 212-704-4240